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Cisco RV180W or Cisco RV220W



I have a question, we would like to purchase a Cisco RV180W or a Cisco 220W.

We have read on the Internet that the 180W is updated to also use the 5 GHz frequency. We would like to know if this is true.

I know that on the 220W both are available but not in the same time.

We need a device that has simultanaous Wifi 2.5 and 5 ghz together at the same time.


Why the 180 or 220, well we need the 1GB connections, verry fast VPN site to site Ipsec troughput and off course both frequencies.


Can someone please give us some advise.


Many thx.


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Hi There, Thank you for your

Hi There,


Thank you for your answer, i have the specifications from the Cisco site. (datasheets) but i read on the Intrenet that Cisco has an update for the RV180 so that this device can use both 2.4 and 5 GHz. I just want to know this is true.

See this link:,2817,2404619,00.asp
Under Features, you can read the folowwing:

Cisco upgraded the RV180W to broadcast on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz-band and included WDS bridging/repeating and WEP/WPA/WPA2 consumer and Enterprise wireless security.


I see, but I could not find

I see, but I could not find any information about that anywhere else on the web.



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Hi wmulders02, I beleive the

Hi wmulders02, I beleive the Cisco RV180W only supports 2.4 Ghz. I can try to check further if there is an update that shows that it supports 5 Ghz frequency. please send me an email at so we can look into this inquiry further. hope to hear from you soon. 

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Hello wmulders02, Have all of

Hello wmulders02,


Have all of your inquiries been answered already? Were you able to purchase the necessary router that you needed according to your requirements? Let me know if you have additional questions or email me directly (




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