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Cisco RV180W PPPoE

I am trying to configure my new RV180W to work with BT.

I cant seem to get the PPPoE to work

I have set the BT Router up in Bridge Mode and entered the line details provided by BT (which have been confirmed as working)

The connection never happens.

I am new to posting on these forums so please forgive me if i'm not supplying the correct details etc...

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Cisco RV180W PPPoE

What BT Router do you have? have you tried to clone the mac address as well in the PPPoE setting

I know my Sky Fibre Router does PPPoA/MER which is incompatable with any Cisco SMB product so far. 

I ended up Double NATTing and using port forwarding. You could just use DMZ on the BT Router, turn off WiFi and point all data to the WAN of the RV180W perhaps if you can't get PPPoE working

Regards Simon

Regards Simon
New Member

Cisco RV180W PPPoE

Thanks for the reply - i'll try that Simon.

Much appreciated.

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