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Cisco RV215W WAN interface hard code

Hi engineer,

I have some problem with cisco RV215W. my customer currently using cisco 881. 

After bandwidth upgrade to 30M(upload 30M/download 30M), because of the throughput wise, customer change cisco881 to ciscoRV215W,as RV215W can handle throughput up to 70Mbps(I am not sure).

But ISP ask to hardcode WAN interface speed 100M, duplex full- when connect to ONT(fibre to ethernet converter). "I don't see any option to hardcode WAN configuration in ciscoRV215W".

Using cisco rv215w, upload is around 27Mbps and seem okay.  Now the problem is customer can't go up to max speed 30M for download.

Now max download speed is only 14Mbps. 


When I test with cisco881, upload/download speed is around 24/25Mbps. Why I suspect interface hardcode on ciscorv215w is that, after change cisco881 wan interface to Speed Auto, Duplex Auto - the speed go down to 14Mbps.


Please let me know you guys have any experience about this and any way to solve.





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