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Cisco RV320 VPN and uverse

Having issues configuring load balancing.. I plug in the uverse connection into internet port I will not get a IP or any network connection.. I plug the same cable into my laptop works fine..

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You mention load balancing

You mention load balancing but provide no detail of how you are attempting to achieve this. How can we give you advice when we do not know what you are trying to achieve or what you have done so far?

The title of the post suggests that you are trying to establish a VPN connection. Pretty clearly when you connect your laptop there is no VPN involved. So perhaps part of your problem is in what you have configured for VPN. One approach toward solving this issue would be for you to provide to us details of what you have configured and see if we can identify an issue. Another approach would be to remove the VPN configuration and see if you get an IP address when you connect without VPN.



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Hi Richard thx for response..

Hi Richard thx for response... basically I am using the simple setup... I setup the RV320 to act as a DHCP with a different segment for everything connect to it.. The WAN setting I only setup WAN1 first configure with uverse so I hard coded the ip that was assign to me in the as static. That's it... in the system summary WAN1 nothing is showing.... nothing is define to VPN...

for some reason the IP I am assigning from U-Verse is not even being assign for WAN1...

Is there something I need to do on the Uverse side..

My goal is to connect WAN1 (ATT) and WAN2/DMZ (Comcast)... ATT is 1 Gig Comcast is 105Mb



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I figure it out.... cabling.... I plug a cable directly into the rv320 from the uverse route and it worked so something is correct..

Thanks for your help

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I am glad to know that you

I am glad to know that you figured out that it was a problem with cable.



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