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Cisco RVS 4000 help with my configuration

Hello Everyone,

i wanna explain my particular situation, maybe someone of you can help me to solve in the best way my problem.

1) i have a cisco router RVS 4000 updated to last firmware version

2) the RVS 4000 router is connected with WAN port to my ISP router

3) the 4 LAN ports are so connected:

Port 1 --> to my private apartement ( between other devices i have a CISCO SPA 301 voip phone that is connectted to asterisk )

Port 2 --> to an ASTERISK server

Port 3 --> to a QNAP NAS

Port 4 --> to my studio / office ( between other device i have a SPA 525G cisco phone that is connected to asterisk )

In this way i share same internet connection for home and office with consequently money save.

NOTE: unfortunatly i cannot move all phones in the same port wirth ASTERISK and i cannot do any movement of dispotion of devices.

Because the managemnte of ASTERISK server is done via a VPN tunnel by my collegue, he is always able to connect to my LAN. He is trustable person, but is simply question that anyway i do a MIX between private and personal things, and i would like to be completly sure everything is personal is SAFE and no one friend or not can access.

I was asking myself... what can i do to put things in the way i can have all my things completly safe without give to no one free access to my private things ? So in Total what can i do to place ASTERISK and CISCO PHONES in a SAFE configuration to not no one free navigate in my LAN ?

Any idea and suggestion will be appreciated !


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