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New Member

Cisco SRP527W ADSL or VPN disconnect

I'm having a bit of trouble with the site-to-site VPN on several SRP527W's. They connect OK, but the connection always fails eventually and does not attempt to reconnect. The DSL lines are new, and they too seem a little tempramental at the moment. When I attempt to troubleshoot the routers I always find that the DSL connection is up and running OK. A simple reboot brings the VPN back up too, but only temporarily. Sometimes it will be up for as long as 24hrs, other times it'll only last an hour.

Any advice please folks? I am running firmware version 1.01.09 which was supplied on the router. The settings I have on the router are as follows:

IKE Policy


Policy Name TenancyIKE

Exchange Mode Main

Encryption Algorithm DES

Authentication Algorithm MD5

Diffie-Hellman (DH) Group Group 1 (768 bit)

Auto Pre-Shared Key XXXXXX

Enable Dead Peer Detection Disable

DPD Interval 

DPD Timeout 

XAUTH client enable Disable

User Name 


IPSec Policy


Status Enable

Policy Name TenancyVPN

Local Group Type IP Address & Subnet

Local Group IP Address

Local Group IP Subnet

Remote Endpint IP Address

Remote security gateway address x.x.x.x

Remote security domain name 

Remote group type IP Address & Subnet

Remote group IP x.x.x.x

Remote group Subnet Mask

Encrypted algorithm DES

Integrity algorithm MD5

Police type Auto

Manual encryption key 

Manual auth key 

Inbound SPI 

Outbound SPI 

PFS Disable

Key life time 7800

Now using IKE police TenancyIKE

Cisco Employee

Cisco SRP527W ADSL or VPN disconnect

Hi Ross,

That is very old firmware.  Please upgrade to the latest release - I believe that reconnect issue has been fixed now.

Following the download software link from



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