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Configure SR520 to route internet VLAN to firewall

Hello All,

My operations manager says "Could you go on-site and configure a new clients new internet connection?" he gives me the info, I make the arrangements and go on-site. As I'm working with the providers tech he says "Do you have a sub-interface confgured for a dot1q VLAN id of 1057?", I say "What?". Anyway my firewall is not capable of dot1q VLAN, so he says "Do you have a Cisco router that can provide the trunking?", I say "Yes, I tink so but not with me". The question is can I use an SR520 between my firewall and the provider demarc to route the VLAN he is talking about? My initial discovery says yes but I am not quite sure of the details on how to achieve this on the SR520. If anyone out their could point me in the right direction that would be great.

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Configure SR520 to route internet VLAN to firewall

HI Mark Meeks,

  This router will support upto 4 Vlans and  4-port 10/100 managed switch with VLAN support to interconnect workplace devices such as computers, servers, and printers.I think so you can do intervlan routing.Configuration Guides Available for this router in Cisco Website.

Configure SR520 to route internet VLAN to firewall

Hi Mark,

As Prakash mentioned earlier, SR520 router supports the creation of upto 4 VLANs

You can run inter-vlan routing between multiple vlans or between vlan & the WAN port depending on the type of network implementation.

The only doubt I would have is: whether the device would support Vlan id of 1057 or not. Best of luck

Check the datasheet for more info:

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