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Configuring SR520's EasyVPN with CCA

I have four SR 520's that I am working with.  I want one to be an EasyVPN server connected to a (Nortel) phone system.  I then want the other three to be clients to plug remote IP phones or workstations into to access the office network.  I have read through the docs on the site and have some questions about this scenario. 

I have read that you can do this with the CCA tool, and I have actually used CCA to provision one router as server, the other as client. I have xauthed and seen that the tunnel is established.  However, I wasn't really able to ping through the tunnel to, say, a laptop on the other side.  So, what type of IP addressing scheme do I need to implement.  Do I leave the 75 on both client and server, or do I need create a different network on the client?  Is there a way that I can turn DHCP off on the client and pull one of the IP's from the Server's pool? 

I guess I don't know what I should expect to see from using CCA to configure this.  I thought I could do this but clearly need help.


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Re: Configuring SR520's EasyVPN with CCA

Here is a diagram of what I am trying to do, or what I think I should be doing.  Will the CCA accomplish this, or do I need to do something else?

Thank you.


Re: Configuring SR520's EasyVPN with CCA

Take a look at the remote teleworker implementation guide at below:

check the application note for adding Remote Workers.

The 2 items to change would be the remote LAN address to be unique per site and also in the guide replace the UC500 device as the server as your SR520. FYI we have not tested with Nortel phone systems so not sure if the remote teleworker would work or you need site to site VPN (different than EasyVPN) which is something we are targeting with the next CCA release.

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