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Connect connect to our internal server via SFTP - Cisco RV220W router



We just installed a new RV220W router in our office and I'm having a hard time setting it up.

We have an internal server for web development. It is setup to only allow SFTP connections using port 2211. I can connect to the server locally using the IP address, but if I try to connect to it from outside of our office network, the connection is refused.

I've added an Access Rule for SFTP, and setup a port trigger:

Name: SFTP

Status: Enabled

Protocol: TCP

Outgoing Ports: 2211/2211

Incoming Ports: 22/22

I've also tried reversing the Outgoing and Incoming ports, but every combination of 2211 or 22 that I have used results in a refused connection.

What am I missing or doing wrong? Is there another firewall setting that I need to change to allow remote SFTP access to our server? I shouldn't need to change anything in the server because it worked with our old router.

Thanks in advance for your help.


You shouldn't need any kind

You shouldn't need any kind of port triggering. Just forward 2211/tcp to the server in question. SFTP uses only a single port for all connectivity (FTP is tunnelled inside of SSH) and doesn't need anything more than this:

Incoming port should be 2211/tcp, outgoing ports should be any.

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