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connecting 800 series through a sr520

hi there

i have a demroom set up which includes a sr520 as the edge router connecting to the ISP and i have a uc 560 connected to that which is working fine

i also have a new business edition 3000 and a 800 series router which im looking to connect to the sr 520 for access to the ISP as the 800 series doesn't have a ADSL line on it .i have given the 800 series routers wan interface a static address of wich is from the address range in the sr520s default vlan and excluded the address from the DHCP pool. now from the ccp express on the 800 s i can ping the wan port of the 800 s and the default vlan/gateway of the sr520 and the wan ip of the sr520 but no further also once i try pinging it from the cmd on windows i cant ping any further that the wan interface on the 800 s . i was hoping some one could help me with this as im not to sure where to go next

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connecting 800 series through a sr520

Hi Lee,

Is the 800 IP address ( permitted to use NAT?  I think it should be, as the default config for the SR520 accepts traffic from the whole subnet.  It may have been changed though.

Is there an access list on the 800 WAN that is preventing the return traffic?

Are you using NAT on the 800?  That probably wouldn't be a great idea, but is probably the default configuration.

Any particular reason why you are using the 800 at all?  The SR520 is effectively an 800, so ought to be able to do all you need to connect the BE3000.  You could create a new VLAN for this on the SR520 if made things cleaner for you...

Post some configs and we might be able to see more clearly where the issue is (remember to blank out passwords!)



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connecting 800 series through a sr520

hi andy

thanks for getting back to me .yes the wan port fe 4 on the 800 is and i have a default route sending the traffic out fe4 the wan port to the next hop address the default address/vlan of the sr520

i have selected the wan port as the outside interface but have not  configured nat.

the reason i have used the 800 at all is that the be3000 needs a router that has C.U.B.E (cisco unifyed border element)

and the sr520 doesnt also i only have one broadband line that uses adsl which the 800s doesnt support so i thought it would be easy enough just to directly connect the 800 to the sr520 put in a few static route and that would be it

but like i mentioned before i can ping the wan port of the sr520 from the ios of the 800 even googles dns but get no internet connection and when i ping the wan interface from the sr520 its successful it seems to be from the wan port on the 800 and the 800s default vlan/gateway wich is have some difficulty passing traffic

any ideas would be more that welcome



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