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New Member

Connecting a WRVS4400N to a Dell Swtich

Good Morning,

I want to buy a WRVS4400N, but I need to know something before.

The router will serve as an access point for 10 wireless station, 6 of them will run over Terminal server, the router will also serve 20 computer for the internet, so I want to Link aggregate the four LAN port to my swtich, I know how to do it on my Dell Powerconnect, but I want to know if the WRVS4400N will support it, there will be a lot of traffic going through the router so linking the 4 port in LAG mode to my Powerconnect swicth will speed up the communication !

Thank you,

P,S: Sorry for the multi post, I was lost in the cisco support site !



Connecting a WRVS4400N to a Dell Swtich


I wouldn't go with the WRVS4400N in the scenario you specified. the router doesn't do LAGS (any router in SBSC product line doesn't support LAGS) next if you're using an internal DHCP server , DHCP request will get sent to all Vlans on the 4400N which only cause problems when the router isn't handing out DHCP.

That being said i would invest in a layer 3 switch ( SG300-10) would work fine. It supports LAGS - Vlans and capable of layer 3. ITS DOESN'T"t GIVE OUT DHCP so you'll need that. For the wireless clients i would get a actual AP (AP541N or Aironet series). This would be a better solution.

You can draw us out a topology and we can give better solution, but from your post above this is the way i would go. Also if you want to give us a call @ 1-866-606-1866 and speak with next available engineer; we can assist in recommending devices that would work best for you. They can consult with a (SME) if needed.

**Knowledge is power**


New Member

Connecting a WRVS4400N to a Dell Swtich


As stated I already have a managed switch wich is a Dell Powerconnect 2848, what I want to do it's replace my actual Wireless router with one mor accurate for our needs. So what I'm searching is a Wireless Router on wich I can use more than one LAN port to speedup communication. As stated, I will have to serve 10 station over Wireless and more than 20 that can go on the internet.

The switch you recommand don't meet my needs.

I can  an Access point and a Router separately if it's better but linking PORT is very important for speed purpose !

Any advise on a good access point and a router that can do what I need ?

Best Regards,



Connecting a WRVS4400N to a Dell Swtich

Hello Sylvain,

A topology would be very helpful in determining what you are looking to accomplish.

If you are looking to speedup LAN communication with a LAG, then you might be able to do this with an Enterprise level device. If you are looking to speed up Wireless communication then you are going to be limited to the communication speed of the Wireless device. 802.11G can reach 54Mbps Half Duplex so 27Mbps shared among all wireless clients. 802.11N can get up to 300Mbps with certain MIMO settings. These speeds again are shared meaning if one client connects it gets full use of that wireless LAN but if more connect they have to share that wireless pipe.

Most of our N AP's have gigabit LAN ports which should be able to handle any wireless load on the device, because again you have a maximum bandwidth available for all clients. If you need more bandwidth for wireless clients add more AP's.

Link Aggregation is only featured on Cisco Small Business switches at this time. Enterprise class routers might be able to perform this function.

Cisco Small Business Support Center

Randy Manthey

CCNA, CCNA - Security

New Member

Connecting a WRVS4400N to a Dell Swtich

Hello Randy,

You're explanation is clearer, I wasn't aware about the Wireless pipe split between client, now it's clear in my mind that I DON'T have to use LAG to speed up Wireless client the gigabyte port is enough !. But mixing the router for internet and wireless client is probably not a good decision. So I thikn I'll buy an Access point and a router separately, so in the future if I need more Wireless PIPE, I'll just have to add another access point, which is in my mind the most flexible setup !

I'm going back to my blackboard !

So I'll have to buy:

1- A good access point and plug it directly to my Dell managed switch

2- I'll have to find a good ROUTER that will be able to be connect directly to my Dell switch on more than 1 port to speed up things. I have a REALLY FAST internet connection , and I need a faster routing for the internet, so multiple port LAG will be usefull for this !

Thanks' again for great advise,

Best Regards,


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