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Connecting WRT160NL and WRV210


COX Business Cable Connection

Motorola Sufboard Cable Modem SB5101U

WRV210 Internet Port Connected to SB5101U

WRT160NL Internet Port connected to WRV210 Lan Port

WRT160NL IP Scheme LAN IP Internet IP is

WRV210 IP Scheme

I have just purchased a WRV210 to use VPN to access my network remotely I want to segment my network with 2 differenent IP schemes to isolate my office network traffic from my network traffic on my connected manufacturing equipment. I need to access the manufacturing equipment through the VPN. Currently I can navigate from the WRT160NL through the WRV210 out to the outside world (via IE 7 on a XP Box in that subnet). I cannot however, navigate/connect from the WRV210 to anything connected to the WRT160NL. I am currently connected from XP box that is connected via LAN port on WRV210, not even trying to use VPN from outside world to connect yet. I know if I cannot connect sitting directly on the WRV210 LAN, no chance I can remotely. I am sure it has to do with Advance routing settings on one of these routers, but not sure. Can someone help? I understanding the concept of routing but I dont understand the details.

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