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Create a VLAN on a Cisco RV325 Router

I am trying to create a VLAN on a Cisco RV325 router and not being successful.

The main (VLAN1) IP range is There are several IPsec Tunnels to clients on this R325 router.

I connected a Cisco RV082 router to port number 7 of the RV325 router.

I am using the default VLAN 25 that came with the router.

I have set it (in DHCP) to  (Built-in was 

I turned DCHP OFF as I wish the RV082 router on port number 7 to provide DHCP.

I connected a regular Ethernet cable from RV325 port number 7 to (a) a LAN port on the RV082 and (b) the WAN (not DMZ) port of the RV082.

I set the RV082 LAN to and gave it an internal IP range of

I hooked up a computer by Ethernet to a LAN port on the RV082. If (a) above, then the computer gets a 192.168.100 address. If (b) above, then the computer gets a 192.168.35 address. (a) just switches through from one LAN port to the other apparently.

I do not get any connectivity or internet on the computer hooked up to the RV082 router.

I set up VLAN Membership as shown below but I do not know it that is correct

VLAN membership

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Picture did not show up :(

Picture did not show up :(

VLAN 1 InterVLAN enabled, Device MG enabled LAN 1 through 14 untagged.

VLAN 25 Inter VLAN disabled, Device MG enabled, LAN 1 through 14 excluded EXCEPT LAN 7 tagged

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Solved myself.

Solved myself.

Set up as above except I change the RV325 DHCP setting for VLAN 25 to DHCP instead of static and I changed the WAN port on the RV082 to DCHP and my RV082 subnet (192.168.35.x) came alive. All working fine.

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