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DDNS with an old 2511 setup as an access server.

I setup DDNS on a 2821 for my dynamic cable connection, and over the internet I can get to this router just fine, however my 2511 access server connected to this router via cisco switch is running IOS 12.3 and doesn't support DDNS from what I've heard. When I telnet to the network it drops me off at the 2821, which is nice and all but I want to be at the 2511 so I can reverse telnet to my other Cisco devices. What am I missing here?

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There are a few ways you can

There are a few ways you can go about it.

You can leave things as-is and telnet directly to the port numbers of the 2511 access points from the 2821, setting up your ip host aliases on the 2821 just as you would on the 2511.

Or, you can use NAT and forward the telnet port from your 2821's WAN interface to the 2511.

Personally, I wouldn't expose a 2511 to the Internet nor use telnet across the same. By going with the first option, you can not only take advantage of the 2821's DDNS capability, but also use SSH as your access method across the Internet, keeping your 2511's access restricted to the LAN.

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