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Default gateway for WAN connection with L2TP/PPTP

I'm using Cisco RV220W.

My ISP uses L2TP to provide Internet access. And for some reason L2TP server located behind several switches withing different subnet. I.e.:

  My IP address is

  L2TP server address is:

Problem that Cisco RV220W router when configured for L2TP doesn't use DHCP to get IP address from ISP and does not configure default gateway to access L2TP server.

I've tried to add static routes with correct default gateway, but GUI doesn't allow me uses metrics lower than 2.

So my question are:

1. How I can configure default gateway for WAN connection with L2TP?

2. Is it possible configure router to use ISP DHCP to obtain IP address and default gateway and use L2TP for Internet conectivity? Is it planned feature?

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