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Desired VPN changes for RV082's

I’d like to know if Cisco/Linksys would even entertain opening up PPTP to more than 5 connections?  The problem is QuickVPN has been less than reliable for far too long (it might be another 2 years before it works on Win7 once it ships given the time it’s take to solve Vista issues) and users hate using it even when it can be made to work.  The fact is PPTP connections on a Windows machine (I'm betting 95% or more of Cisco-Linksys customers use Windows) are simple and rock solid.  What I'd like to see is the limits for VPNs apply to all connection types meaning if the 082 will allow 100 total connections then it should be able to take 90 PPTP and 10 IPSec or the other way around or any other compbination.  It's a false assumption that PPTP is a MS-only protocol.  It's actually RFC 2637 and had others involved too.  As it's an RFC there shouldn't be any royalties, though I'm not an attorney.  It's also yet to be breached so it’s trustworthy.  Windows, Mac OS X, and recent builds of Linux all have native PPTP clients.  Exactly none of them include QuickVPN clients and I seriously doubt any ever will.  It only makes sense to make connections as easy as possible.  I do find the 082’s PPTP server very solid so I would like to see it better utilized.

One other thing that needs to be added to the VPN options of all Linksys products is bad logon attempt lockout options.  Right now, unless I’m missing something, there’s no way for me to say ‘if you attempt to login x # of times with the wrong username or pwd your IP or username is blocked for x minutes or until an administrator unlocks your account.’  How are the rest of you handling potential dictionary hack attempts to VPN accounts?

Cisco Employee

Re: Desired VPN changes for RV082's

Thank your you feedback  on the RV082, It's always good to hear what our customer says about our product  and how they can be improved
Currently the RV082 is an  old product and we are not planning to add any more features. We will consider  looking at your recommendation in feature products
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