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DHCP Mask for VLAN on RV325

Hello everybody,

I've set up multiples VLAN on my RV325, firmware

All of them are managed with DHCP server, sometimes with reserved IP for some MAC address.

On one of theses VLANs I would like to set up a subnet mask. Is there a way to define it on DHCP configuration?

the DHCP subnet is provided in a select box which contains only some values like 255.255.255.x?

Kind regards


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New Member

Has anybody found a

Has anybody found a workaround for the subnet mask limitation to /24 only? I am really in need to extend to a /16 network - Even Basic TP-link routers are able to do that, but not a Cisco RV325!

New Member

Hello Jean-Michel,

Hello Jean-Michel,

I am really sorry for the inconvenience you are experiencing.

Please be advised that indeed there is a device limitation to only /24 subnets or higher and the only workaround would be to place another DHCP server (and disable the RV325 one) in your network that can give /16 IP addresses.

Kind regards,

Milan Milanov

New Member

Dear Milan -

Dear Milan -

Thank you for replying. It is not so much the DHCP limitation by itself (I can live, so far, with that), but the need to have a higher number of hard coded infrastructure addresses, and clustered in a way that would make sense eg for same type of equipment, for another, for DHCP, for VPNs for example , but I still need the a type C (/16) subnet for that. Anyway to achieve that?

Let me know.

Best regards

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