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New Member

DNS and Connectivity Issues with WRVS4400N

Hi I have purchased in Jan 09 a linksys wrvs4400n router which serves 10 wireless laptops and hosts 8 linksys wvc210 cameras also attached is a linksys wrt54gs firmware v1.52.5 which acts to extend the range of the wireless signal dhcp off , both are on different channels , my problem is every 3-4 days religously i have to reboot the wrvs4400n because clients no longer get dhcp from router and cannot connect ,dns traffic is blocked so cant print and access files fronm my server using fqdn, but once i reboot everything works fine i have tried firmware , 1.1.13 and others but nothing works i have even discontinued my ip cameras to see if it is a load issue same problem, now the funny thing is this router was reccommended to me by a linksys support technician when i was contemplating the cameras, does anyone have a solution or know about this issue , i believe that this router has potential just needs a stable firmware,

New Member

Re: DNS and Connectivity Issues with WRVS4400N

Our first suggestion would be to backup the router configurations to your PC.  Reset the router back to factory defaults.  Reapply the current firmware for the version 1.0 and 1.1 router, 1.1.13.  Reset the router back to factory defaults again.

For the first test, reload your configurations from backup and see if the problem persists.  If the problem persists, reset the router back to factory defaults once again and reconfigure the router from scratch.  Add one level of complexity to the router until the problem comes back.  Once the issue returns, we will have a starting point as to what is causing issues.

One question I have.  Is the DHCP server turned on or off of the WRT54GS?  Is the router set up as a DHCP relay?

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