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Dream Home Setup

I would like some input on how to best setup my dream home network setup.

I have Cat5e run throughout my entire house.  Basically a drop in every room (more in some rooms). 

-I am thinking about an ASA 5505 for the main router.

-IPS and Gigabit speeds are a must though. 

     -IPS because I have FTP and web servers.

     -Gigabit because we stream movies (Netflix and from our PCs), as well as, gaming.

-IPS and Firewall throughput must be > 100 Mbps.

-I have several spots that I will need switches because of multiple devices.

-I want multiple access points because I have a very large home (with 3 levels).

-I want guest access on each access point that doesn't have access to the main network, but does have access to a VLAN with just all the network printers.

-Simutaneous 2.4 and 5 GHz is a must as well.

-Support wireless roaming, even on guest network.

-VPN is a must.  I need to VPN to our work router (SA540), as well as, have VPN access to my house when I am traveling.

Help me build my dream home network setup.  What access points would I need to achieve my goal (mutiple VLANs and bands)?  What type of switches (managed?  support VLANs?).  We have dozens of devices from servers to printers to tablets to smartphones to Macs to Windows machines.  The list goes on and on.

Let's just start throwing stuff out here.  Budget?  Probably a few grand.

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