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Firmware v. on RV082 DHCP Issue

Hi, after I upgraded to the firmware v. Im experiencing computers unable to browse the internet. As per checking they are not getting IP address, somehow the DHCP status table, the IP addresses gets cleared automatically even I increased the leased time. (Initially, when the users computers boots up I can see them in the lease table then after several minutes the dhcp client table is all cleared up.) This happened right after I upgraded to this firmware version. Any fix on this? Thank you.

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Yeah, I am trying to figure

Yeah, I am trying to figure out an issue where occasionally my users lose their internet connection.  I noticed that dhcp leases in the status table just vanish out of nowhere.  I don't know if this has anything to do with the occasional network drops or not, because theoretically once a machine gets an ip lease it hangs on to that until rebooted I believe even if the lease expires.  I can't find anything on the computer system logs.  My issue could be the vpn tunnel we have to our main office, I don't know yet, still trying to hunt it down.


When your clients lose connectivity, did you do an ipconfig /all and see if there was an ip assigned at that time?

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From what I remember, the

From what I remember, the RV082 no longer assigns IP address when a client looses connection, even the computers where rebooted. What I did to fix / workaround was, I disabled DHCP of RV082 and used temporarily for now the DHCP server of the TP-Link WiFi Router which is also part of the network. Fixed my users issue while waiting for new release of firmware of RV082. At my end, the clients are all in the same lan as the RV082 and not over vpn. I wished to downgrade the firmware to original version but I am doing it remotely overseas I believe it will restore to factory default and dont want to worsen the scenario :-)

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I can't downgrade the

I can't downgrade the firmware because there was a fix in there for having multiple ip phones on the network, so that is out of the question. While I do think there is dhcp issues with this router I don't think that is the issue I am seeing though, since I run PRTG to monitor the WAN interface of the router from a remote office and I can see that interface go down when this seems to happen, at least one of the times it went down.  The ISP did not have any issues on their line.  Also, a local dhcp issue shouldn't bring the WAN interface down.  Do you run any VPN tunnels?  Seems as though since enabling the VPN tunnel we have been seeing the connectivity loss.  Their ip phones will lose connection and some of the machines, this is very random.  I can't find anything in the logs which show any value whatsoever.  Anybody from Cisco out there that could help?

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