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G2G VPN Connection Problems between Rv042 and RV220W

Hello Everyone,


we have a problem with a VPN Connection between a RV042 (set up in the main office, with static IP) and a RV220W (remote office with no cable internet, so connected through LTE - no static IP). Our main problem is that the VPN works, but usually once a day the connection is lost, which is not to recognize from the web-interface, because on both sides the vpn tunnel is signalised as connected. If we drop the connection and try to re-establish it, in most cases it won´t connect until we change at least the phase 2 lifetime to another value. After the change the vpn will connect again with no problem and last for 1-2 days.

Thank you for your help in advance


best regards




kolladmin, A few things I



A few things I would try on the RV220W:


1) On the IKE policy, change the exchange mode to Aggressive

2) Make sure that Dead Peer Detection is enabled

3) On VPN policy, disable PFS Key Group


If the settings are already configured, try the opposite settings and different combinations. My guess is that there is an issue with the LTE connection so this can be hard to troubleshoot and make work consistently. Don't be afraid to experiment. 


- Marty

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