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gateway to gateway vpn connects but cant ping remote computers/files

Newbie to VPN  We have a RV016 and a RV082 Cisco router at different locations. The setup shows they are connected. I can ping remote router from either location but can't ping remote computers or remote shared folders.

What am i missing

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Verify the interesting traffic that is being encrypter by those routers. That traffic has to be identified by an ACL and you have to tell your routers to not doing NAT in that traffic.

If possible, provide an output of the config of the routers (attach them as a .txt file).


Martin, IT Specialist

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As mentioned, I can ping each

As mentioned, I can ping each remote router only

No domain, no servers present.

Small realty office and remote admin office

Each location would like to access and map various folders etc on remote computer.


Secondarily it would be nice to use Quick VPN to access either location from 3rd locations

first time trying to set up VPN so, talk slowly :)

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I have the similar problem

I have the similar problem and waiting on level 1.5 to answer it. I have an existing VPN connection that work flawlessly. I can ping remote clients.

When I setup a new connection, I am able to connect to the remote router but I can't access clients or PING them.


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