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Get configuration from dead RV082?

I really hope that there is a solution to this problem. I have an old RV082 that I suppose has failed. The red diag light on the front panel is lit and nothing works. I've already replaced the unit, so I don't really need to fix it. Here's my issue: the setup on the old unit was pretty complex with a number of port forwards and other non-default settings. I'd like to recreate those items on my new router, but they were never written down so I don't know what they were. I've tried to connect a computer to one of the LAN ports, but they're all dead. Is there any way to get at the configuration page? I'm desperate enough that I'd pay to get the unit repaired, but I'm guessing that there's no way to fix it that would preserve the settings. Is that right? Does anyone have any suggestions?



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Get configuration from dead RV082?

Hi Robert, if you had remote management enabled on the router, you may be able to try to access the router over the WAN if you happen to know the WAN IP or if the router had a static WAN configuration.

If the LAN and WAN ports are not operational, I'm afraid there is not much to do, as the RV0XX firmware utility requires the router to be ping-able on the network.

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Get configuration from dead RV082?

I was afraid of that. Yes, all the LAN and WAN ports are dead.

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