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ghost network device?

Newbie here. I keep getting a "network device" showing up on my network using Cloud Connect with my EA3500. I do not know what it is and the Mac address is very weird like; 00:00:00:00:00:00, FF:00:00:00:00:00, 2F:00:00:00:2F:00 and others. I do not see the "network device" using ipconfig apps. Can anyone explain why or what this is. I only know enough to be hazardous to myself. Thanks,


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Re: ghost network device?

Hi Randy,

This site is for business series products not domestic products.

Wow,  having looked through the user guide of the EA3500, it sure looks action packed.

But your question is intriguing... I was on the phone  with my colleagues at LinksysbyCisco to understand your observation. 

The MAC addresses you wrote down are as you also suggest are  bogus( bad) , so you have a indication issue.

I gotta admit more information such as a screen capture would be most helpful, as evidence.

But  moving forward, I asked my colleagues to create a case regarding this issue.

Can you please call, if in the USA 1 (800) 326-7114,  and the Linksys case number to quote is 120720-004886

There is a level 2 support group there that looks after EA products. If they open the case number quoted above , they should push you to the EA group.  Be interesting to understand why the bogus addresses are there.

The easy thing to do is check for firmware updates and also reset to factory defaults.  But the question you pose is intriguing and it sure would be nice to understand causal root of the indication error.

regards Dave

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