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Guest Wireless Issues on Cisco RV220W Wireless-N Network Security Firewall

The guest wireless on this router is setup, and security is completely disabled (so that it never prompts for a password, and it shouldn't be able to take you to a login page when you connect).  However, it doesn't work that way.  Some users can connect fine, some users it doesn't connect at all, some users it takes to a password page.  If I reboot the router everything is fine (and works like a true guest wireless network) for about a day, and then it shits the bed again.  There is nothing crazy or complicated I have done that should be causing any issues.

Any ideas or thoughts about what is going on or what I can look for?  I have looked all through the logs (including when someone is trying to connect to it) but nothing sticks out as being the cause of the problem.

Did I just get a bad router and should I return it?  It's only been in use for a month or so.

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azhskr1507, Since the unit


happen to do a factory reset for 30 seconds ? The client users that are not connecting, what devices are they using?





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I have not done a factory

I have not done a factory reset because I don't want to lose all the other settings (which are all working fine, like the private wireless network).  The client users are all using a variety of cell phones.

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