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Help needed, network design

Basically, after fiddling around for more than 2 months, im no closer to figuring out all the comple

xities of networking.

I need some help from someone to figure this out.

Basic situation:

I have an RV042 (bought for VPN capability)


2 networds, an INT network and a DMZ network are being run from the RV042.

Problem 1: Cannot figure out how to get wireless working properly. I have tried connecting various wireless routers to the INT network ports on the RV042 and while I have some success, there are some things which are not working properly.

1a) Wireless network is on a different subnet than RV042 INT network. I just don't know how to get it to be on the same subnet because both the RV042 and the wireless router try to take-over the address space and they conflict in areas of DHCP.

1b) While using a seperate subnet seems to resolve some issues, it also prevents me doing any port forwarding from the RV042 to one of the wireless devices.

1c) Is there some way to get the RV042 to work "as expected" with some kind of wireless device to allow multiple wireless DHCP accesses? Ive already tried using the inside ports of a wireless router (not using the "internet" uplink port), but again, this doesn't work with DHCP.

Problem 2:

I have had only limited success with the Quick VPN client. The issue seems to be that many remote locations I take my laptop to use Cisco routers which seem to somehow block the Quick VPN access. Ive been trying to get the RV042 to generate PCF files which I can use with the standard Cisco VPN client which is installed on the remote hosts, but have not had any luck at all. There seems to be somthing weird about how the Quick VPN works (or in my case doesn't work) through other Cisco routers. Currently, im behind a 2820, and it simply will not allow me to connect to the RV042 with Quick VPN. If I move my laptop outside the 2820, then I can connect, but that's from the wrong network space as I need to be able to connect while behind the 2820.


Re: Help needed, network design


You have asked so many questions that would probably need someone from the Cisco Smart Design team to discuss with you which product may best serve your need. From what I understand your scenario, RV042 is not even close to address all your needs. However I will comment on the questions based on what I know.

>Currently, im behind a 2820, and it simply will not allow me to connect to the RV042 with Quick VPN. If I move my laptop outside the 2820, then I can connect

You would need to talk to the administrator of Cisco 2820 to open up some holes in the firewall. (I can understand that the administrator may not like an IPSec tunnel opened up by your QuickVPN Client.)

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Re: Help needed, network design

I worked with the admin for the 2820, who said that port 500 was already open and didn't know what else to open up. I couldn't find any documenta

tion for any other port other than 500.

He ran a sniffer, and couldn't find anything else other than 500 either, so still no idea why it won't work behind 2820 router.

Re: Help needed, network design

I suggest open up port 4500 as well.

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