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Help please..How to set up an RV220w, wan section, behind an ADSL2 modem ( no router ) with a fixed IP from internet provider

Latest Edit:  OK so this question is either incredibly hard or it is so simple that no one wants to answer it after 5 days( I suspect the latter !! ) Can somebody however, please help me out on the following...


Hi guys,I am after some help for the following:

I wish to use our new RV220w as my router/VPN/firewall behind a netgear dg384gV5 ADSL2 modem/router which is set to MODEM ONLY mode. The internet provider is Optus business and I have a fixed IP address with them.

This means, I guess, that I set the RV220w WAN type to PPPoE and setup the PPPoE profile for our original login to Optus. OK, I think, up to this point.

However, this seems to assume that Optus will be using their  DHCP server to provide me with an appropriate ( dynamic ) Public IP address. What happens if I want to put in our fixed IP ? This is where I become stuck.

Can someone please point me in the right direction here. From research it seems I may have to look in the 'one to one NAT ' area but I am not sure.

Thanks in advance


Hello,I have had people ask


I have had people ask me about this before, and the real answer is with a PPPoE connection you cannot specify your WAN IP manually on the RV220W.  However if your ISP has that set as your IP, they should just hand that out to you using DHCP.  When you configure your device with PPPoE what IP do you end up with on the WAN interface?

One-to-one NAT is really more for when you have one public IP on your WAN, and a second public IP that your ISP is also routing to you and you have a web server that you would like to access at that second IP.

Thank you for choosing Cisco,

Christopher Ebert - Advanced Network Support Engineer

Cisco Small Business Support Center

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