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Help with (im)possible RVL 200 Configuration

I am tring to make a DLNA server accessible through my RVL200 router.  The RVL200 sits between two segments of my home network such that:

{internal network}  <--> [RVL200] <--> {DMZ network} <--> [FIOS Router] <--> {Internet}

My DLNA server lives in the internal network and my DLNA client lives in the DMZ network.  So opening up some ports or making the server visible through the RVL200 is not a concern for me, however I just dont know how to do it.

It is not clear to me how a client discovers a server, so my issue may be unsolvable and I just dont know it yet.  Also my questions below may not make an sense either:

Is there a way to make the server appear to live in the DMZ?  For example as a "virtual" computer on the network?

Is there a way open the RVL200's firewall such that data to the known DLNA ports are routed to the appropritate server on the interal network?



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