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Help with WAP4410N repeating a WRVS4400N in gateway mode



I've been scouring posts here and elsewhere on the net and trying various things but I'm baffled and would appreciate any help.


I have a Bell 2 Wire DSL modem/router (I live in Canada) which sits in my home's second floor office.  A year or so ago I got a WRVS4400N and connected it to my 2 Wire router via ethernet cable that I fished through ductwork to my basement to get good coverage and more ethernet ports in my basement.  I configured the WRVS4400N as a gateway and enabled DHCP Relay to ensure all devices connecting to this router essentially go to my DSL modem/router to get an IP and get internet access.


Now I want to use my WAP4410N to extend coverage into my backyard.  I've done the following:

- on the WRVS4400N's Wireless page under WDS I enabled "allow wireless signal to be repeated by a repeater" and left "Auto" selected

- on the WAP4410N, I set the SSID the same as my WRVS4400N (which is totally different to my 2 Wire router, BTW), the same WEP security settings, and the same channel

- on the "AP Mode" page I chose "Wireless Client/Repeater", and enabled "Allow wireless station to associate

- I clicked on Site Survey, found my WRVS4400N and chose it - the SSID and MAC address filled in automatically and I saved


I can log into my WAP4410N's wireless web admin console at with no problem.


I installed the awesome utility "Wifi Analyzer" for my Android phone and with it I can see my 2 Wire SSID, and the SSID with two MAC addresses - one for the WRVS and one for the WAP.  When I put the WAP4410N far enough away from my other routers to make it the strongest signal and try to connect, I can see my Android phone trying to authenticate and then barfing and saying "no connection" - it does that 3 or 4 times.  It then cycles back to the next strongest one which is sometimes the WRVS4400N and sometimes the 2Wire - in either case it connects and I'm good.


So why can I not connect to the WAP4410N?  Is it maybe because I'm using the WRVS4400N in gateway mode?


Should I be using a different AP Mode for what I want to do?  I do have the ability to run an ethernet cable from my WRVS4400N to the place where I want to put my WAP4410N - would I then just set the AP Mode to Access Point?


Thanks very much in advance.


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