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How can I view server files over VPN using server name and not ip?

Hi all, I just got a new RV110W for my home office, and I have successfully configured it, and connect to the network through VPN.  The purpose of this was obviously to allow me to access my files.  While I am able to access the files using my server's IP address, I cant use the server name.  Can anyone assist?  I am trying to connect through Win 7.


Hi , On IPSEC VPN tunnel ,

Hi ,

 On IPSEC VPN tunnel , you cant reach your machine via hostname /server name , because IPSEC tunnel dont support multicast/Broadcast down the tunnel .

Cannot Ping Network Resources and Computers by IP Address, NetBIOS Name, or FQDN

In some cases, you are not be able to ping the remote computer, Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) server, domain controller, file server by IP address and NetBIOS name and fully qualified domain name (FQDN, such as If you can ping by IP address, then IP connectivity is present. The problem is most likely related to name resolution issue on your Windows network.

Note: Because IPSec does not allow multicast or broadcast down the tunnel, NETBIOS is not supported over VPN tunnel as it sends broadcasts/multicasts to the network in order to perform the name resolution.





you need to check the DNS

you need to check the DNS entry wht you are given using the DHCP pool when connected through vpn check and make sure that its resolving correctly other wise make the entry locally(computer) if you are sure about the server ip address (which should be static)


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I have my Lan set to

I have my Lan set to "Automatic Configuration - DHCP"  My server, and other computers on the network are set with Static IPs through "Static DHCP".    When I tunnel in, I am able to use the IP, but not the name.  Where would I check the DNS settings?  

I did a flush dns on the server. Configure the various VPN connection options.  I am convinced it's DNS, but not sure where to go. 

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