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How to configure a RV180W router to filter WAN address mac to use with a VPN


I have a RV180W router that I used as VPN PPTP or IPSec. I would like to filter the VPN connection from a MAC Address. How i can configure my router to add MAC Address filtering from the WAN side.


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Hello, Thank you for reaching


Thank you for reaching out, unfortunately this feature is not available on the router. You won't be able to add that type of restriction to the WAN port.

I hope this clarifies your doubts.

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So I can't blocked

So I can't blocked unauthorized MAC address  to access in my VPN ?


No sir, you won't be able to,

No sir, you won't be able to, also, please remember that the MAC addresses are only relevant on your Local Network, once your traffic leaves the LAN, your MAC address is not longer being sent to the remote hosts so I doubt you will be able to use that feature at all.

Finally, if somebody has your IP address and they have a VPN username and password then they will be able to get connected.

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Thanks you Chamorr. So in

Thanks you Chamorr.


So in fact the only way, is use VPN Ipsec with certificat ? If the user didn't have the certificate even if user has the username/password. He couldn't connect to my VPN , is that correct ?


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