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How to configure QoS for VoIP in RV220W

Dear all,

I have a cisco RV220W router used in a home environment. Recently I purchased a Siemens Gigaset A 580 IP phone. It works OK so far but I would like to optimize the configuration for VoIP traffic and apply QoS for VoIP on this router. Can someone guide me with the recommended configuration and preferred settings of the same? I have not used QoS previously so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!




How to configure QoS for VoIP in RV220W

hello Staffan,

VoIP uses SIP 5060 -5080 and RTP UDP ports 16384 - 32767, I have seen RTPs start in the 8000's it depends on your provider.

You can use QoS on the RV220W but remember it will be policing since it is an edge device. This means you will have no control over the traffic shaping after it leaves your network. You can control the traffic as it enters and leaves your network that is it. When you set policing you are creating reserves of bandwidth. This means that bandwidth will not be able to be used for any other traffic even if voice is not going through the router. Setting up QoS on to have a performance increase on to an ITSP on the Internet will be minimum. If you are over loading your ISP connection it might be more beneficial to get a bigger connection.

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