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How to prevent vlans from talking on WRVS4400N?

Can't seem to figure out why I can't get my two networks to quit talking to each other...hoping someone can help.

Router = WRVS4400N, firmware = V2.0.2.1

Switch = SG 200-08P, firmware = V1.0.0.16

Default vlan IP range = 10.1.0.x

Vlan 5 IP range = 10.5.0.x

I have default lan & vlan 5.

Port 4 on the router is trunked and tagged with vlan 5.

Port 8 on the switch is trunked and tagged with vlan 5.

Port 7 is connected to a server, trunked and tagged with vlan 5.

Currently my server has an IP address in the Vlan 5 range and can talk to other machines & the internet.

All appears well so far.

This is the only router and dhcp server in the network.

My problem is, I want to segregate the two networks so Vlan 5 can't see the default vlan.

I've turned off inter-vlan routing & created an ACL rule to deny as follows:

Action: Deny; Service: All; Source Interface: Any; Source IP: Net, Netmask; Destination:, Netmask

I've also reversed the IP ranges for the source and destination in case I was reading it wrong.

After disabling inter-vlan and adding the deny rule I rebooted the router.

I can still ping from one network to the other either way.

Any ideas?


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