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New Member

How to set up a network with two RV016 routers (two subnets)? Please help!!!

Hi!  I would really like some help here.  I am a newbie in networking and I've been hitting my head on the wall for weeks and still not able to get this done.  Any help will be really appreciated!!!

I was given a task to set up a network.  The requirement for the network is having two subnets that can communicate with each other.  I bought two RV016 for this task.  I have the RV016 set up as and respectively with subnet mask  Both RV016 are connected to a simple Netgear GS108 switch using the WAN switch.  Both RV016 are setup as router mode and RIP enabled.  Then, I have one computer connected to one RV016 and another computer connected to the other RV016.  However, I am not able to ping between the two computers.  What else do I need to do to get this work??



Hi ,  can you share me the

Hi ,

  can you share me the network diagram or connectvity details of your network setup . 

{LAN interface}> WANSWITCH----> (RV016Y){LAN Interface}

if you have connected like above , then you need to configure WAN IP address on WAN port for both RV016 X & Y device . Add those WAN subnets into your rip .  Because your LAN subnets have no way connectvity to remote location . (ensure your WAN IP address are in same subnets x.x.x.x/30 or x.x.x.x/y because your WAN switch is only L2 )





New Member

Actually, I am using the LAN

Actually, I am using the LAN ports.  Sorry for the mistake!  Here is the network diagram:

ComputerA ----> {LAN Port 1}{LAN Port 8}



                                                                                Netgear GS108 LAN switch



ComputerB ----> {LAN Port 1}{LAN Port 8}


I hope this makes things clear.  Again, I am a newbie in this.  So, please let me know if I missed anything or you need other information.  Thank you very much!!!

New Member

Also, I added a static route

Also, I added a static route to both router, like this:

On RV016X (

  • Destination IP:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Default Gateway:
  • Hop Count: 5
  • Interface: LAN

On RV016Y (

  • Destination IP:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Default Gateway:
  • Hop Count: 5
  • Interface: LAN

On ComputerA (, I did a tracert  The trace went to and then   But, when I did a tracert (ComputerB), The trace went to and then Request timed out.  I don't understand why it will bypass the and try to ping ComputerB directly.  Any idea???

Thank you!!!


Hi leny,             You are

Hi leny,

             You are connecting Both of your router on LAN interface (RV016Y RV016YX) , with a help of layer 2 switch . So you cant ping directly without routing . 

   Configure a different Subnet like /24 on RV016 X & /24 on RV016Y defined it on VLAN 2 as well as on LAN port no 8 connecting to L2 Switch.

Then point static route on RV016X for reaching next hop is

similarly on RV016Y for reaching next hop is




Okay, let me start by simply

Okay, let me start by simply saying that nothing is right.  You don't even need two rv016s to do this.

First, start by giving me a diagram or example of what the network was like before any rv016s were added.  Then I'll tell you where to put the rv016 and how it needs to be configured.

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