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Community Member

Imnproper web based utility display

The web based utility for my RV220W router only displays in about one quarter of the available window. i can scroll through all the information ubt it seems that the entire window should contain the data. Is there a method to configure the display size? 

A screenshot of the dashboard is attached.

thanks for any help offered.


Community Member

I had similar probs with an

I had similar probs with an RV180W, using Firefox solved the had similar window rendering issues on IE11.  These are firmware bugs in the case of the RV180W, which they will not fix as they have now EOL'd that product.

Community Member

It has similarly aged

It has similarly aged firmware from 2015 as its final release, so it is very likely these are bugs of the same firmware generations.  Sadly their recommended replacement is the RV130W, which is not really comparable in terms of either build quality or wireless feature set.

Community Member

Firefox is a usable

Firefox is a usable workaround. It does not display the bug so I will now use Firefox for configuring the router. It's a puzzlement.

Thanks for the heads up.


Cisco Employee

what browser and versions

what browser and versions have you tried? Also, when did this start?

Community Member

Using Google Chrome Version

Using Google Chrome Version 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit) and tried IE 11 Version:11.0.9600.18097 with update versions: 11.0.25 (KB3100773) . Both had similar, flawed results.

Sorry, I can't pin down exactly when it started.

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