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Inter-vlan routing between RV042 and SFE2000P

I am looking for a little direction here as I am used to working with Cisco gear and have not played with Linksys very much.  I will be creating two seperate vlans on the SFE2000P and would like the RV042 to provide the routing capabilities for these vlans.  I assume I will need to trunk my link between the router and switch.  The main question here is does the RV042 support trunking and sub interfaces or is there another way to go about this in the Linksys world?  As a side note, does the SFE2000P support voice vlans whereas I will only need to run one line to a VoIP phone and hang a PC off the phone and still have the devices in a seperate VLAN?  Otherwise I will be running seperate lines (one for VoIP phone and one for the PC to allow me to segment my traffic using VLANs).  Thanks in advance for the feedback!!

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