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Internet connectivity issues with SA 520W router


We have configured Cisco Small Business Pro (SA 520W) in a small office and all computers are connected with wifi. We are facing following problems:

1. Computer is connected with network and 100% signals available but there is no internet. After repairing network from computer or sometimes rebooting computer fix the this problem. What cause internet connectivity problem?

2. Sometimes computer is connected with internet and everything work fine but suddenly there is no internet. May be internet come back again after 2 minutes etc. Strange behavior.

3. Sometime there is no internet connection even after trying all possible tuneing but internet connection become alive again if we reboot router.

All these problems appear randomly on different computers. Can anyone tell what's the reason of all these problems and how can fix it?



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Internet connectivity issues with SA 520W router

Hi Bjorn, have you had a chance to do a firmware upgrade to and factory default the unit? Remember to back up the config before upgrading.

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I have the just similar

I have the just similar problem since few days , for long time I have no issues with wireless router

I have five static IP addresses I am using 1 static IP for the Router and other for the internal use

I though it was my inter provider technical issue,

The internet is working through provider gateway router but not through a Cisco SA520W

some times it works some time it wont resolve host name, internal LAN works perfect ,but internet drops packets and it is very slow

If  we dynamically setup the router, it  works but not for the static IP address

my old configuration is not saved , reset to factory defaults even then it did not work

I do have 24 port cisco switch when I login there is no gui console just blank blue screen with text boxes


I appreciate some can guide.


I believe we need the update firmware on both devices .I appreciate for the help







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