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ISP Bonding

I have a medical customer who relies heavily on their internet services to conduct business. Comcast has many outages in their area and they would like to have a backup internet connection. I currently use several of the RV series routers at these offices and would like to know if Cisco has any small business routers that can aggregate multiple ISP's. This would not be for bandwidth but rather for a backup connection when Comcast services are down.

VIP Purple

You just need an active

You just need an active/backup style connection.

If you are currently using RV series you might find the Meraki MX series the easiest to move over to.  Many of them have dual ISP options built in for backup connections.

You can also use a 3G/4G USB stick instead if you want a backup solution that is free of cables.

Community Member

Thanks Philip, all my offices

Thanks Philip, all my offices are small 8 to 10 users. I would guess the Meraki line of products would be cost prohibited for a small business ?

VIP Purple

I can't answer that question.

I can't answer that question.  I don't know your budget.

The Cisco 891F has dual Gigabit WAN interfaces and a built in 8 port Gigabit switch.  That is another option.  There is also a Cisco 891-24X which has dual WAN interfaces and a built in 24 port switch.

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