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Linksys RV082 WAN2 problem

Hi. I recently bought a new Linksys RV082. I have 2 ISP (one Cable modem, one xDSL) and connect the two providers to the respectives WAN1 and WAN2. No matter which equipment I connect to WAN2, the router does not find any IP given by the ISP equipments. I even assign a static IP and does not work either. I know that there is no recent firmware. What else can I do or check?  Thanks...

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Re: Linksys RV082 WAN2 problem

What wan mode do you have the router in, smart link backup or load balance mode?  If you have it in smart link mode the wan 2 will not connect unless the wan1 connection is disconnected.  In Load balance you should have access to wan2.  If that does not work.  Plug in the settings from wan2 into wan 1 and see if the internet connection comes up.

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Re: Linksys RV082 WAN2 problem

Hi. Thanks for the tip. Everything is now working Ok. Thanks for your support...

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