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Linksys SRW2048 - Web Configuration page requires IE?


I'm currently trying to setup a Linksys SRW2048 switch.

The switch came with version 1.0.0 of the firmware (circa 2005), which worked fine with Google Chrome and Safari on OSX.

However, I recently upgraded to 1.2.2 (circa 2009), and the in-built web configuration page doesn't seem to work in anything except for IE6 or IE7.

Chrome and Safari give me a whole bunch of resource not available errors, and the page itself doesn't render properly at all:

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 8.18.46 PM.png

Firefox also doesn't render it properly either:

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 8.17.52 PM.png

It seems a bit strange on Linksys/Cisco's part that they'd release an updated firmware that meant their switch could only be used by Internet Explorer.

I suppose this is a long shot, but there's no chance Cisco would ever release a fix for this issue?

Or failing that, are there any known workarounds to get this to work with Chrome, Safari, Firefox - anything other than IE? Or anything on OSX or Linux?

Also, I heard that firmware 1.2.1 still works on non-IE browsers - does anybody know any archives of older Linksys switch firmwares?



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Linksys SRW2048 - Web Configuration page requires IE?

Wrong forum, post in "small business - routers". You can move your post using the actions panel on the riight.

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Linksys SRW2048 - Web Configuration page requires IE?

Hi Victor,

Here what you can d for Firefox and Netscape:

-Using Mozilla Firefox Web Browser:

(a) Install Firefox "IE Tab" add-ons. The latest version is available on


(b) Select Tools --> IE Tab. Add in the IP address of switches to Sites Fitters

(e.g. “” accepts wildcard http://172.18.1.*).

(c) Ensure that cookies are enabled, by clicking "enable" to "All sites to set cookies" Tools ->

Options -> Privacy -> Cookies.

-Using Netscape Web Browser: Click the icon in the left corner, and select "IE Display".

Hope that helps.


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