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more wrvs4400n issues

I honestly don't understand how cisco can release a product like this.  It's soo flakey and unrealiable.  So far in order to get my 4400nv1 running I've had to use the recovery utility just to load firmware onto it (that was a 16hour ordeal!!) then it takes 2 tries (with regularity) to upgrade to the next level of firmware.  All this just to get the device stable enough to support a wireless connection.  I still have not been able to get it on the internet with any acceptable level of performance.

So far the best I can get this router to do is have 50% packet loss on the the WAN interface.  I've tried disabling the DMZ,  IPS, WAN access  but alwaly I have 50% packet loss.  These devices should be recalled.!!!  my 5 year old Netgeat MR814 works better than this.  this devices just has me frustrated.  I work regularely with Fortinet products and they are much better and more reliable.  the only reason I'm trying this out is It was given to me.

does anyone have a fix for 50% packet loss on these things!  This is just stupid!

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Re: more wrvs4400n issues

Same feelings

Great User Interface indeed-horrible with reliability. Conigured with  same sattings as replaced v.1 and can't stay connected for more than an  Hour. Not a defective unit though-programmed 2 others same way and very  same results-wireless drops almost immidiately, then can't access  Router config and after few hours complete restart-nothing works.

Using wireless on Channel free of interference, besides that 4 IPSec tunnels-those stay alive until the end.



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