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MQC Bandwidth Percenage Calculation

Hello Guys,

I want to setup qos bandwidth policing&priority. I want to allocate 50% of my Internet link bandwidth to the PRIORITY-QUEUE, and 50% of the bandwith for other Web-traffic and default-traffic.

My question is:   while i configure and give 50% bandwidth for priority-queue,     is that 50% calculated from the Fasthethet Interface bandwidth or it is automatically calculated from my  Internet-Bandwidth and allocates  50% from that bandwidth space.

To make it clear :  lets say a Fastethernet-Interface speed/bandwidth is bydefault  100-Mbps.  and lets say my Interface bandwidth which i have taken from ISP is  512-kbps.     so when i start to do bandwidth alllocation , and give 50% of interface bandwidth to priority-queue and 50% for other traffic.    how the allocation is calculated.....????  

please instruct

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