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Mrs Paula

Good morning,

I have a Cisco Router model RV016, it is working but I have some issues. The Ip address of my router is

I  get a certificate error telling me: "the certificate presented by this website was issued by a trusted authority" and that "the certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website address"

I do not know if this causes that I can not enter the Setup Wizard option and I can not enter the Service Management option  in Setup->Forwarding. 

Do not have a clue why these options are not available.

Thanks for support



Normally, no.  But since you

Normally, no.  But since you're using a browser based option for config, it's likely to be that it's actually a browser issue. 


Are you using Chrome, Firefox, IE, something else?  What version rev number?


Do you have Java loaded (and is it working)?  When you go to and click the "do I have java" button under the link, does the test succeed?  I'm betting its either blocked by your browser (Chrome and Firefox will both do this if the browser thinks the plugin is out of date.  You can re enable it, but it has to be done by you each time) or not installed. 




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