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Multicast issues on Cisco RV 120W

Hi all!

Let me describe network configuration.There are ExtLAN - connected to WAN port, and several IntLANs connected to internal LAN ports and Wi-Fi, separated via VLANs.

I'm trying to configure the Multicast streaming form WAN port to my internal LANs. Multicast server using the IGMP protocol.

First I disabled the check box on "Blocking Multicast". Unfortunaly router not forward the IGMP requests from LAN to WAN.

Then I enabled IGMP Proxy, Upstream choose WAN, allowed networks not specificed, according use guide router should forward multicast packets to all LAN interfaces.

In this configuration Router forwards to WAN IGMP request, group created, but clients not receive the multicast stream.

Please, kindly advise hot to configuge the mutlicast forwarding form WAN (server side) to LAN (clients side).



Multicast issues on Cisco RV 120W

Is the RV120W in Gateway (NAT) mode ? that could be an issue. try setting it as Routing Mode

Regards Simon

Regards Simon
New Member

Multicast issues on Cisco RV 120W

Thank you for advise. I'll try this.

But according User guide p.34, Cisco writes:

If your ISP has assigned you a single IP address, you want to use NAT

so that the computers that connect through the Cisco RV120W are assigned IP

addresses from a private subnet (for example,

The other routing mode, “router,” is used if your ISP has assigned you multiple IP

addresses so that you have an IP address for each endpoint on your network. You

must configure either static or dynamic routes if you use this type of routing

If I change to router, should I configure the NAT manualy?

By the way, if there any possibility to connect router via telnet to reach the CLI?

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