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My router RV180 doesn't detect my dsl gateway

I just bougth a RV router but when i logon to the interface to configure it the router doesn't detect internet connection, i connected the ethernet cable port 1 from dsl to the WAN port at the RV180, but doesn't detetct the gateway, need i a cross cable? Because i can logon to the configuration wizard but it seems the router cannot detect the dsl internet connection.


Hello,Usually a DSL


Usually a DSL connection will require that the modem be put into bridged mode, and then our device is configured as PPPoE.  To configure the modem you would need to speak with the ISP.  Some of them call this IP passthrough, one-to-one NAT, or just bridged mode.  You may have to ask for a supervisor before they will do this for you.

You will also need to get your PPPoE credentials from your provider.  Then you log into the admin page on the RV180, go to Networking >> WAN (Internet) >> PPPoE Profiles.  Click on Add and enter the information from the provider.  Then switch to the IPv4 WAN (Internet) page and change the connection type to PPPoE and select the profile you just created from the drop down menu.

While you are there you may also want to change your MTU from default to 1472, most DSL connections require this smaller MTU size to work properly.

If you do have any issues with that your new router does come with 1 year of technical support, so you can give us a call and we can help get you setup as well. 

Cisco Small Business Support Center Contact Numbers

Please note you would still need to speak with the provider first to get the modem bridged and obtain the PPPoE credentials.

Hope that helps.


Thank you for choosing Cisco,

Christopher Ebert


Network Support Engineer - Cisco Small Business Support Center


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