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Network Drive and Vlan

I am trying to setup multiple SSID's, each having their own vlan. When I access my Network Drive on the main Vlan, I am able to access my network drive. When I connect to the other SSID on their own vlan, I am unable to access the network drive. What could I do so I could access the network drives over more then one Vlan?

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I forgot to mention that the

I forgot to mention that the router is rv110w

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I am not familiar with this

I am not familiar with this hardware  but general steps you can take:

Disable AP-isolation (ap isolation makes your wifi clients talk only with default gateway and then to internet, local lan is not reachable), probably not an issue as inter-vlan routing is done on GW but ...

Enable Inter-Vlan routing. (enables routing the packets from one vlan to another)

Check if there arent any "limitations" on the second wlan/ssid/vlan like some guest features etc..

Also remember when accessing the drive from the second wlan/ssid/vlan you are on different bcast domain (probably also different subnet) and so you wont see the the network drive as a result from some network discovery as broadcast originating from network drive will not reach you.

You have to manually statically point to the network drive address to reach it.

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