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Newbie RV120W or RV180W basic setup question


I'm investigating whether to buy a RV180w or a RV120W and need a bit of confidence it will do my very simple installation.. I'm used to large descrete systems where there are no wizard setups and you tell them what to do, and I also learnt to take manuals quite literally - when it says the public address on the WAN side I take that to mean non-rfc1918 ones.

Here's my simple setup:

The site has an existing ISP's dlink DSR2640R ADSL router with a 5 port switch providing DHCP for the network. I naturally want to keep this for the ADSL connection and want to leave this as untouched as possible, VPN pasthrough excepted.

I want to connect the WAN port of the Cisco RV to one of the free ports on the DLINK, set up two SSIDs with associated VLANS on the RV and create a IPSEC VPN for client access, hence the models chosen, but don't worry about the vpn.. The RV will be placed in a current wireless deadspot.

What I hope will happen is that the RV will handle devices connected to it, and when the Internet is needed it will NAT the outgoing packet's source address to be on the network and then pass the packet to the DLINK Router for onward routing.  This also means I wouldn't have to add any routes or Nat on the DLINK.

To press a little further, do packets appear to come from the RV WAN IP address (changing the source port number (PAT?)) or, well, how does it do it when set up as a gateway?  Also, the RV180W emulator wizard doesn't mention gateway, only AP or Router or bridges.

I would set the WAN to DHCP.  I'm aware that the RV seems to need to be made aware that it will be doing VPNs at the beginning otherwise it will sort of reset things.

Sorry to ask such a simple question and I have been in touch with pre-sales but I'd like to have a response from someone having done this in the field.

Thanks in advance.






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Going back to descrete Cisco

Going back to descrete Cisco managed switch and AP and segregate at layer2 (access/general/trunk). May use a seperate fw and vpn server at a later date if needed as the RV could be the only reason to connect and support anyway given the comments on other forums.
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