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No Firewall between VLAN? RV130, RV130W

So we bought these Cisco Small Routers for our clients . 

They want the functionality to seperate guest networks from their internal network. However traffic originating from the internal network should still reach the guest networks but not the other way around!

I can not find anything in the Access Rules settings allowing this. I have enabled Inter-VLAN routing but I want to restrict the traffic as mentioned between VLANs. 

I would not consider these Small Business Routers cheap, there must be somewhere in the settings to enable this. This functionality must be mandatory.

I am running the latest firmware on these routers. 

Can someone please help in the right direction. 

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just found this post - i

just found this post - i posted one similar at:

Have you found a solution for this?

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See if this helps you in what you are trying to do...check the Adding Access Rules section. I would assume that there is a LAN to DMZ connection type.
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I am trying to do the same

I am trying to do the same thing! Did you ever find a resolution? this seems like a big gap in Firmware!

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