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No option for my netmask setting

I recently switched ISPs and also swapped my older RVS4000 with a new one (same model). When configuring my new RVS4000, the LAN tab does not show the correct setting for my netmask. The drop down menu shows me several options including, but my ISP told me to use I have it set on the option and we are functioning, but my server (also my DNS server) keeps recording errors from my workstations that say they are trying to become the master browser. I believe this is because my netmask is wrong, but I'm not sure. My old RVS4000 had an option in the drop down for, but this one does not. Do I have a setting wrong somewhere or something? Thanks for any help.


Re: No option for my netmask setting


The setting your trying to configure is on the lan side of the router.

What your ISP is wanting you to set is on the wan side of the router.

On the lan side, this is for your private network behind the router and allows you to regulate how many addresses you will support behind it.

Your ISP is wanting you to set the subnet mask on the wan so your router will connect to their network with the specific subnet they have alloted you.

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