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One-way RTP on RVS4000

I'm having massive problems with my RVS4000. All the problems I'm experiencing might be related to the network configuration I'm using. Basically on one RVS4000 port I'm using a HomePlug Adapter that communicates with 2 other remote devices. One is a PC and another one is a VoIP phone.

When making/receiving calls through this VoIP phone I'm very often exoeriencing after a while one-way communication. Normally I lose the incoming traffic, that means on the VoIP phone I cannot hear anymore the other side, whereas the other side can hear me perfectly.

I have then another VoIP phone same type as the first that is connected to another RVS4000 port using exactly the same SIP provider and with that device I never have problems.

I was very happy to read this other post on this forum because then the problem looks very similar and might be connected to the same root cause.

Many times it happens as well that the DHCP requests from the VoIP phone connected via the HomePlug Adapter are disregarded and the phone does not get any IP Address. Not to mention the unanswered DNS requests issue that I already reported in this forum.

I'm kind of desperate with this RVS4000.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,


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